A change of registration can be used to transfer a race number from one person to another. This service is free of charge, but can only be performed by the person that made the entry, and is offered so that a person entered for the race but unable to take part, can assign their race number to someone else..

Why can't I assign my race number to another runner without a change of registration?

It is VERY IMPORTANT that the race number is in the name of the person who will be running:

  • If any assistance is required during the race, the insurance will not cover a runner unless the race number is in their name.
  • If any entrant is found to be running with a race number not in their name, they will be automatically disqualified.

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How do I make a change of registration?

If you made your entry in person, you can change your entry by accessing the section “Manage your entriesas "BUYER" using the email address and password you indicated in the "buyer" section when making the entry..

If the entry was made by someone else, you will need to ask that person to make the change of registration for your entry in the section “Manage your entries”.


Registrations sold out

SOLD OUT Registrations for the 59.Behobia-San Sebastián in the runner category.

Never in the history of Behobia had happened something like this.

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B/SS 2024 - A maximum of 27,000 participants and a small deviation in the course

Registrations open on 3 April for the Behobia-San Sebastián race, which comes with the major difference of a change in the number of participants, which is now 3,000 fewer and will be limited to 27,000 runners due to a reduction in rail services.

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Luanvi presents the Behobia 2024 training shirt

Luanvi, marca deportiva oficial de la Behobia San-Sebastián 2024, ha lanzado hoy la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento. Siguiendo el éxito de su antecesora "Training for Behobia", Luanvi lanza en edición limitada la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento ultraligera.

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