Training guide

A diferencia de los planes tradicionales, aquí no encontrarás una fórmula única y rígida. En lugar de eso, esta guía te acompañará en tu viaje hacia los 20 kilómetros. ¿Por qué? Porque creemos que cada corredor/a es único/a, y tu cuerpo tiene su propio lenguaje.



Signs and symptoms questionnaire

The organisers of the Behobia - San Sebastián recommend that all participants complete the signs and symptoms questionnaire produced by the Behobia - San Sebastián Medical Advisory Committee before entering.




Heat can be one of the major hazards for any athlete, above all when exercising at high intensity. Over recent editions of the Behobia - San Sebastián we have noted a considerable increase in the number of medical call-outs when the ambient temperature has risen above 15° C.



B/SS Safe

We have a tool which provides the most appropriate pace to be followed by the runners in the different sections of the race, in accordance with the weather conditions that day.



Registrations sold out

SOLD OUT Registrations for the 59.Behobia-San Sebastián in the runner category.

Never in the history of Behobia had happened something like this.

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B/SS 2024 - A maximum of 27,000 participants and a small deviation in the course

Registrations open on 3 April for the Behobia-San Sebastián race, which comes with the major difference of a change in the number of participants, which is now 3,000 fewer and will be limited to 27,000 runners due to a reduction in rail services.

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Luanvi presents the Behobia 2024 training shirt

Luanvi, marca deportiva oficial de la Behobia San-Sebastián 2024, ha lanzado hoy la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento. Siguiendo el éxito de su antecesora "Training for Behobia", Luanvi lanza en edición limitada la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento ultraligera.

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