2024 Edition - 17th edition of B/SS Txiki

At 12 noon




Categories and distances

Age - CategoryDistanceTime 
4 to 5 years (*) 200 m. 16:30 SEE INFOGRAPHIC
6 to 7 years (*) 200 m. 16:00 SEE INFOGRAPHIC
8 to 9 years (*) 400 m. 15:30 SEE INFOGRAPHIC
10 to 11 years 800 m. 15:00 SEE INFOGRAPHIC
12 to 13 years 1200 m. 15:00 SEE INFOGRAPHIC

(*) The children should go to the racetrack accompanied by just ONE adult or responsible person.

Collection of race numbers

Race numbers will be collected at the Urbil Shopping Centre (Usurbil - Gipuzkoa), at the following times and dates:

  • From 3 to 10 November (except Sunday 5), from 12:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 20:00
  • Sunday 5 November: from 12:00 to 14:00 and 16:00 to 19:00

On race day, 11 November, from 10:00 to 13:00 race numbers can be collected in the Anoeta zone (San Sebastian).

WE DO NOT RECOMMEND collection on the Saturday itself except for those travelling from outside the province, since large queues may form and you may not reach the race in time.

We recommend presenting the proof of entry received by email.

All children entering will receive a medal at the end of the corresponding round.
Once all the rounds have finished, snacks will be served for all the kids taking part.
The cost of each entry is : €8
€7 for the entry itself and €1 as a donation to UNICEF.

Certificates and photos


Participation certificate

You can download the participation certificate for the most recent editions of B/SS Txiki.

Download certificate


Photos - Canofotosports

Fotos Canofotosports offers high-resolution photos of recent editions of the race.

See photos of B/SS Txiki 2023
See photos of B/SS Txiki 2022
See photos of B/SS Txiki 2021
See photos of B/SS Txiki 2019

Behobia Txiki and Unicef

UNICEF promotes the rights and welfare of all children in all it does.

Together with our allies, we work in 190 countries and territories to transform this commitment into practical action, focused in particular on our efforts to reach the most vulnerable and excluded children, for the benefit of everyone, everywhere.


What does UNICEF do?

UNICEF makes a real difference in the lives of children all over the world: through its Cooperation Programmes and Action in Emergencies in the developing countries, and by promoting policies and alliances to benefit children in wealthier countries.

To improve the lives of children and ensure they enjoy their rights fully, we focus on strategies, programmes and actions in four key areas: protection, education, survival and emergency action: https://www.unicef.es/causas/mundo

UNICEF responds to needs everywhere at any time

The money collected at this year’s Behobia Txiki will go to the organization’s regular resources which fund UNICEF’s development cooperation and emergency programmes in over 190 countries.

Niños Unicef

UNICEF works on these projects in cooperation with governments, NGOs and other partners with the aim of addressing issues such as survival, water and sanitation, education and protection, which are key to ensuring children's rights. The main focus is placed on vulnerable children and adolescents, millions of whom do not have access to safe water, adequate food, quality education or essential medicines.

Regular resources are funds that can be used where they are most needed at any given time, enabling UNICEF to respond to the needs of children everywhere at any time, be it in times of peace, crisis or emergency, and always with a focus on the most vulnerable. Regular resources are funds that are not earmarked geographically or thematically.

The availability of these resources translates into significant benefits that benefit children around the world directly:

  • They go where the needs are greatest. Many of the more than 190 countries and territories where UNICEF works are not in the news spotlight, making children's issues invisible to the public eye. With these resources, UNICEF helps improve the situation of children whose lives and needs are largely unknown.
  • They allow us to respond immediately when an emergency occurs. UNICEF is able to get the resources to these situations within hours, without waiting for donors to react, which is crucial to getting help to children and their families.

All of this explains the enormous value of regular donations. Through the financial commitment of its regular donors and subscribed members, UNICEF is able to focus resources where needs are greatest, provide funds immediately when an emergency occurs, dedicate virtually all resources to children and increase the organisation's.


58ª Behobia - San Sebastián

25899 participantes de las 29639 personas inscritas se han animado a acercarse a la salida en la 58 edición de la Behobia-San Sebastián, suponiendo un 12,62% de bajas. Han alcanzado la meta 25636 participantes, habiéndose retirado de la carrera 253 personas. De todas las personas que han llegado a meta 1327 han sido descalificados.

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TotalEnergies electric mobility, at the head of

TotalEnergies, uno de los patrocinadores principales de la Behobia – San Sebastián, dispone de un servicio ‘llave en mano’ para acompañar a sus clientes en el camino hacia un transporte más sostenible.

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Technical Press Conference 2023

Esta mañana, 7 de Noviembre, ha tenido lugar la rueda de prensa técnica de la 58ª Edición de la Behobia – San Sebastián (B/SS), en el Polideportivo Municipal Pío Baroja.

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