A demanding race

This is a race with a very demanding route, with two major summits, Gaintxurizketa (km. 7) and Alto de Miracruz (km. 16), as well as a number of climbs and descents which should be taken into account when gauging your effort. There is a positive climb of 192 m. Our aim through the following information is to use plans and a description of each kilometre to give an understanding of the route to help you mentally prepare for the race.

Available Tracks

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Description of the route

  • Km 01 bandera STARTING LINE Starting stretch alongside the Bidasoa River, completely flat with the climb up to Irun beginning in the last part.
  • Km 02 bandera Irun Gentle slope upwards to the centre of town, streets filled with people to cheer you on.
  • Km 03 bandera short Ups and downs The slope gets steeper as you leave the town centre until you get to Ventas de Irun, an area of short sharp ups and downs.
  • Km 04 bandera LEAVING Irun BEHIND After passing Arretxe Height at km 3.4 the road slopes gently downwards, leaving Irun behind.
  • Km 05 bandera catch your breath You continue downwards; a good opportunity to catch your breath before the ascent to Gaintxurizketa.
  • Km 06 bandera GaintxurizketA HEIGHT Beginning of an uphill climb to Gaintxurizketa Height. A short but sharp slope upwards to take the two-lane road that goes off to the left.
  • Km 07 bandera difficult section Main section of the climb up Gaintxurizketa, 2km with a gradient of 3%.
  • Km 08 bandera Great atmosphere Only a few meters before reaching the peak of Gaintxurizketa Height - cycle Tour atmosphere and the beginning of a long descent of 3km to Errenteria.
  • Km 09 bandera descent Main part of the descent, 3% gradient. If you manage to get the right rhythm you can enjoy a comfortable speed here.
  • Km 10 bandera half-way point Commercial area of Lintzirin, half-way point. Very different without traffic. You continue descending a little more.
  • Km 11 bandera Errenteria Entering the outskirts of Errenteria, still descending and then commences the flattest part of the whole route which measures about 2km.
  • Km 12 bandera FLAT AREa Totally flat (ATTENTION! various raised zebra-crossings). On the boardwalk of Errenteria lots of spectators cheering.
  • Km 13 bandera uphill to capuchinos After crossing the centre of busy Errenteria, it is uphill to Capuchinos. A tough climb (450 m with 5% gradient).
  • Km 14 bandera very tough metres The last, very tough metres to Capuchinos and then the descent to Pasaia with beautiful views of the bay.
  • Km 15 bandera THE HARBOUR Small ups and downs of Buenavista (entrance to San Sebastian) until you are nearly level with the harbour.
  • Km 16 bandera TO PREPARE FOR THE CLIMB Approaching the ascent to Miracruz Height through the districts of Altza and Herrera. One kilometre to prepare for the climb.
  • Km 17 bandera miracruZ HEIGHT Ascent to Miracruz Height (1.5 km with 3% gradient). At the end of this kilometre begins the straight descent along Avenida de Ategorrieta where you can see the centre of the city.
  • Km 18 bandera DESCENT Long descent to the district of Gros.
  • Km 19 bandera rOUTE LINED WITH SPECTATORS Avenida de Navarra, slightly uphill at the beginning of this kilometre which your legs will notice. Then the straight stretch to Zurriola beach along Avenida de Navarra. Route lined with spectators right up to the finishing line.
  • Km 20 bandera final stretch Final stretch, ALMOST THERE!. Avenida de la Zurriola. Kursaal Conference Centre, Kursaal Bridge and Alameda del Boulevard. Lots of spectators, music and cheering as you get to the finishing line.


Registrations sold out

SOLD OUT Registrations for the 59.Behobia-San Sebastián in the runner category.

Never in the history of Behobia had happened something like this.

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B/SS 2024 - A maximum of 27,000 participants and a small deviation in the course

Registrations open on 3 April for the Behobia-San Sebastián race, which comes with the major difference of a change in the number of participants, which is now 3,000 fewer and will be limited to 27,000 runners due to a reduction in rail services.

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Luanvi presents the Behobia 2024 training shirt

Luanvi, marca deportiva oficial de la Behobia San-Sebastián 2024, ha lanzado hoy la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento. Siguiendo el éxito de su antecesora "Training for Behobia", Luanvi lanza en edición limitada la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento ultraligera.

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