Collection of useful information begore, during and after the race

Where to collect race bag

Guide to trains and left luggage: by introducing your name and surname, the guide will give you the best time and way to get to the starting line from your location and the pick-up location chosen at the time of registration.

Collection of race bag in shop

Registered persons who chose to collect the race bag at any of the partner stores can do so from 24 October until 9 November during the store's opening hours.

Bags will be kept at the selected collection point throughout; they will NOT be moved to the C.D. Fortuna K.E. collection point.

Collection of race bag in C.D. Fortuna K.E. distribution point - Kursaal Congress Hall

Registered persons who chose to collect the race bag at the C.D. Fortuna K.E. distribution point will be able to do so:

  • Friday, November 8, from 12:00 to 21:00 hour
  • Saturday, November 9, from 10:00 to 20:00 hours

Collection of race bag

To collect the race bag it will be essential to present:

  • ID card, passport or photo ID.
  • Proof of registration.

You can collect another participant's race bib by presenting the required documentation of that participant.

Changes in the race bag or starting groups

After 20th September (closing date for registration) it is NOT possible to make any changes to T-SHIRT SIZES, BIB COLOUR or CHANGE OF COLLECTION POINT.

Change of ownership

A change of ownership involves transferring the bib from one person to another. This service is free of charge.

It is done on the website, and must be done by the person who made the registration, as this is the person who has the e-mail and password to access My registrations.

This can be done from 11 September (until the day before the race).

Changes in the race bag, T-shirt, place of collection and race bib colour can only be made before 20th September.

Change of ownership

Left luggage

Backpack drop off

Participants may leave their closed backpack (max 5Kg), with the sticker showing the race bib number, at the following drop-off points:

  • C.D. Fortuna K.E. bag collection point - Kursaal Congress Hall.
    • Friday, November 8, from 12:00 to 21:00 hour
    • Saturday, November 9, from 10:00 to 20:00 hours
  • Plaza Gipuzkoa: 10th November from 7:30
  • Start: 10th November from 8:30 until the time limit set for each group on the back of the bib. After this time there is no guarantee of a bag drop service. You will have to deposit your backpack in the numbering corresponding to the last two bib-number digits.

Backpack recovery

Backpacks will always be recovered at Plaza Gipuzkoa (Finishing line).

To pick up your backpack at the finishing line you must present your race bib.

Left luggage

How to get to the Start

TRAIN + SHUTTLE: Renfe and EuskoTren - Special ticket (*)

For the purchase of the ticket to get to the starting line, you need to know the line and station you want to use since there are two different train operators, Euskotren and Renfe, so there are two different tickets.

(*) Warning:Any ordinary train ticket that takes you to the start, purchased at any station in Gipuzkoa, will be valid to board the shuttle bus, upon presentation of your race bib number. Therefore, it is not necessary to come to San Sebastián to buy the special ticket. Example: Price of the ordinary ticket for the Zarautz-Ficoba route costs approximately €2.75 and will be valid to board the shuttle bus.

Train stations
See the map below to know which is the closest station to know which ticket to buy.
Guide to trains and left luggage
Enter your full name for an indication of the best time and means of approaching your starting point from your location.
Ticket price
Ticket 1,50€
The ticket is valid only for runners and to reach the starting line before the race.

A shuttle bus leaves from the Euskotren station at FICOBA to the Start.

A shuttle bus leaves from Irun Renfe station to the Start.


There are 19 start groups with their respective start times.

Check your registration to know your BIB NUMBER and COLOUR. Consult the start infographic to know your GROUP and START TIME.

See the Start infographic (PDF - 3 Mb)

Changes in starts groups

After 20th September (closing date for registration) it is NOT possible to make any changes in the START GROUPS.

It IS possible to start in a group later than the one assigned.


  • The are 7 refreshment stations.
  • Withdrawal points:
    If you are unable to continue for any reason, you will be able to travel by train, either Euskotran or Renfe, from the point where you withdraw (volunteers and health personnel will have tickets) from any station along the route. Or by taxi at any of the Vallina points.
  • Obligatory withdrawal:
    At km. 10, a maximum of 1.15 hours from the last start. At km. 15, up to 1.55 hours after the last start. Athletes arriving later must withdraw, otherwise the organsation declines all responsibility.


Finishing line


There are showers available at the end of the race. The locations are:


Registrations sold out

SOLD OUT Registrations for the 59.Behobia-San Sebastián in the runner category.

Never in the history of Behobia had happened something like this.

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B/SS 2024 - A maximum of 27,000 participants and a small deviation in the course

Registrations open on 3 April for the Behobia-San Sebastián race, which comes with the major difference of a change in the number of participants, which is now 3,000 fewer and will be limited to 27,000 runners due to a reduction in rail services.

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Luanvi presents the Behobia 2024 training shirt

Luanvi, marca deportiva oficial de la Behobia San-Sebastián 2024, ha lanzado hoy la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento. Siguiendo el éxito de su antecesora "Training for Behobia", Luanvi lanza en edición limitada la esperada camiseta de entrenamiento ultraligera.

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