Registrations open on 3 April for the Behobia-San Sebastián race, which comes with the major difference of a change in the number of participants, which is now 3,000 fewer and will be limited to 27,000 runners due to a reduction in rail services.

Another significant change will be the deviation in the race course, which we have had to adapt slightly due to the work under way in the Ventas district of Irun.

Limited participation

Rail transport plays an essential part in organising the race, given that 50% of the runners travel to the starting point in trains operated by Euskotren and Renfe. The service is provided with the reinforcements requested by the organisation. However, as things stand today, it is virtually impossible to increase the service.

This year, ongoing work in the Loiola and Capuchinos tunnels for the high speed train between San Sebastián and Irun will mean a considerably less frequent Renfe service, and this will have a direct effect on the race. This situation makes it impossible to guarantee safe and comfortable transport for the number of participants recorded in recent years.
It has therefore been decided to limit participation in the 2024 Behobia-San Sebastián to 27,000 participants. This figure will not change, given that planning work in the run-up to the race will not allow increased participation during the year.

In view of this situation, the race will leave 15 minutes earlier in order to be able to increase the rail service. The race start times are as follows: 9:15 for wheelchairs and handbikes, 9:20 for roller skates, and 9:40 for those participating on foot.

Small change in the course

On the other hand, and also due to work on the high speed train, the bridge on the regular course along Avenida de Elizatxo in the Ventas district of Irun will be demolished and the course will move some 220 metres to the Avenida de Letxunborro.
Ever since the change made to the course in 2014, the race has covered exactly 20 km. However, it will now have 20 km and 220 metres.

his change will remain in place for at least two years. The intention is to rebuild the bridge in the future, for pedestrians only, although we hope that the race will be able to make its way once again over the bridge when that happens.

Ventas Bridge - Irun