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Behobia / San Sebastián official website - 58 Edition

58 Behobia - San Sebastián 2023

Sustainable race

Today’s society is becoming increasingly concerned with the environment and we are all familiar with the current problems around the globe. The focus seems to be on global climate change, not just among the scientific and political realms, but also in our daily lives. As well as such global issues, there are also smaller scaled local issues that need to be addressed, even if they appear to be insignificant.

The Behobia-San Sebastián circuit runs through a densely populated and highly industrialized zone that withstands intense vehicular traffic as a node between the continent, Spain and northern Africa. The environmental impact of these activities on such a small space is enormous. All of the persons involved in this event- organizers, volunteers and athletes- are committed to minimizing the environmental impact of this event.

The main focus in this sense is placed on the disposal of residues and transport logistics. Everyone involved is required to collaborate to assure efficiency.

Waste disposal

Since 2002, in close collaboration with the San Marcos Community, Txingudi Waterworks and the company Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas, all waste generated from discarded drinking water rations during the race and at the finishing line are selectively classified for recycling. At the finishing line, we count on the full collaboration of the participants to deposit the used packaging materials in the available litter bins.

Transport logistics

An event like the Behobia-San Sebastián race involves the displacement of many thousands of persons and has a significant effect on vehicular traffic in the area. In recent years, the Behobia race organizers have signed agreements with EuskoTren (Basque Railway) for the transport of thousands of passengers. With this increase in passenger transport, the aim is to disrupt as little as possible the traffic flow in nearby areas and at the same time minimize contaminating gas emissions from extra traffic during the event.


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