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56 Behobia - San Sebastián 2021

The Behobia-San Sebastián 2020 will not be held.



After consultation with the relevant institutions and organisations, at C.D. Fortuna K.E. we regret to inform you that the Behobia-San Sebastián 2020 will not be held.

The past months have been difficult, but they have also been a time of great effort and enthusiasm, during which we have worked on a race plan adapted to the current situation. However, at this time the evolution of the pandemic presents too many variables for us to tackle.

For C.D. Fortuna K.E. it is essential to guarantee the safety of everyone who makes up the Behobia: participants, volunteers, health workers... and also the public, who make it a celebration. Ensuring a completely safe environment for all these people is beyond our reach.

At this point, we can offer you the following options:

  • Save your registration for the 2021 (14 November) or 2022 (13 November) edition.
  • Request a refund of the registration fee within 18 months (minus €6 handling fee).
  • Make a complete or partial donation of the registration fee to C.D. Fortuna K.E.

The deadline for informing us of your choice of one of these three options is 30 September. If by the 30th of September we have not heard from you with regards to your registration, you will be automatically booked for the 2021 race.

The pandemic and its impact on the race have led to the most difficult moment in the history of C.D. Fortuna K.E., and have even cast doubt on its continuity.

Our intention at all times is to cause the least harm to you as the driving force behind the Behobia-San Sebastián. Your support will be essential.

We know that practising a sport is beneficial so we encourage you to continue with guarantees so that next year we can enjoy it once again as we are accustomed.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your trust. It has been very important for those of us who organised this event to see that you were confident that the race could take place. Thank you very much for your support, patience and understanding in these difficult times.

Aupa Behobia!



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