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54 Behobia - San Sebastián 2018

The starting line

the starting line

Starting groups

See in the picture the situation and timetable of the starting groups. There is also the information about the baggage consignment timetable and detail of pace makers.

Change the starting group

You can start the race after the group you correspond, but you can’t never start before the time you have depending on your bib number. This will be subject of disqualification.

How to get the starting line

By train (highly recommended)- Special ticket

You can buy the special ticket for the race day in the following places:


Zumaia-Lasarte-San Sebastian-Irun: RACE DAY TIMETABLE

  • From 27th of October to November 11th: FORTUNA K.E (Pío Baroja eta Zuhaizti sport centers).
  • The 10th and 11th November: In the RUNNER’S EXPO (Lurauto BMW, next to Expo)
  • November 12th: In Amara and Anoeta train stations (it’s not recommended due to possible congestion).



Zumarraga-Tolosa-San Sebastian-Irun (Paseo Colón): RACE DAY TIMETABLE

  • 27th of  October until November 11th: In any train station of Renfe in Gipuzkoa.
  • The 10th and 11th November In the RUNNER’S EXPO (Lurauto BMW, next to Expo)
  • November 12th: It’s not special ticket, only de common one.


Price of the ticket: (train+bus: 1 euro)


Buses: Motorway A-8

Behobia exit (Iruña-Pamplona), leaving the participants in ZAISA I (N-121-A). In San Sebastián, the parking zones are close to the Antonio Elorza Velodrome, in Ilunbe (Bull fight ring) and surroundings. There will be free buses to go there from the finish area (Avda. LIbertad) to Anoeta Stadium.

On foot

Obligatory access to the starting line zone from the rear. From France and Iparralde, via the Behobia Bridge. From Irun, via Darío Regoyos Street, parallel to the Bidasoa River (see map). No access permitted to the starting line along the first straight along the river, with the exception of yellow bibs.

Train and left luggage guide

Introducing your name and surnames it will give you the best time and way to get to the start from wherever you are. Download the application for Android, application for IOS or consult it on the website.

Services at the starting line (see the map)

Baggage consignment

The people who hasn’t leave their baggage before in the Plaza Gipuzkoa or in Zuhaizti, or the previous days in the Runner’s Expo can check in their closed bags with their bib number on the sticker they receive when they sign in at a truck marked Transportes SAN JOSÉ & LÓPEZ, close to the white bib start area and in front of information point (see Behobia photo-map). All bags must be checked in before the hour you can see at your bib.

The timetable to let the bags on the back side of the bib. After this time, bag transport will not be available.

They have to leave their bag in the place depending the last two numbers of their bib.

The bags can be checked out at the finishing area by presenting the bib.


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