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Behobia / San Sebastián official website - 58 Edition

58 Behobia - San Sebastián 2023


The Behobia-San Sebastián is more than just a race. Above all, the Behobia-San Sebastián is a feeling, which has been built up over more than 100 years thanks to the effort, sensations and enthusiasm of thousands of athletes like you and the hosting of a land that understands sport, that values it and knows how to enjoy it like few others.


In the Behobia race, you will experience emotions that you probably haven't felt in other races. You'll feel the excitement from early in the morning while riding the trains full of fans heading towards the border. You'll continue to feel it at the starting line and until you reach the finishing line of San Sebastián Boulevard while running the last stretch between two tight walls of admirers.

You will leave behind you the special atmosphere of the starting line in the Irun neighborhood of Behobia, which is narrow but fast-moving and lively, those long minutes warming-up and the camaraderie with your fellow athletes, the facilities that will have made things much easier and more pleasant for you, the excitement at the start of the wheelchair or hand-bike race, the streets of Irun packed with people, the ascent to Upper Gaintxurizketa, which may seem like one of the Pyrenean stages of the Tour de France. From there, a new route awaits, because in the 50th edition of the BSS we recovered the initial route, established in 1919, that ran along the N-I road, with a more uniform and, more importantly, safer route that offers better access to the different services. After this first experience in 2014, given the excellent reception, we expect this route to continue for many years, with new references like the bustling stretch through the centre of Renteria and the short ascent to Upper Capuchinos, and the stretch through Antxo or the new ascent to Upper Miracruz, from where the applause and cheers of encouragement now form a continuous passage to the finish; a human passage that will move you, especially when you start your final descent to the neighborhood of Gros and later to the promenade along Zurriola beach and the finish line; a vibrant and spectacular arrival you will never forget, in the heart of San Sebastian.

You can see for yourself that the Behobia circuit is exciting and appealing. You will understand why every year you are more and better participants and you will appreciate our aim to improve every year.

C.D. Fortuna


Pío Baroja, 47 - 20008 Donostia / San Sebastián (Gipuzkoa)
T. 943 314 859

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